Family Photography and Me

So discussion in class has seemed to focus in on family photography lately and what our standard practices are when it comes to documenting our families.

I grew up in a very small town and there were no photo studios in any direction, but once a year at the school a photographer would come and my family would venture down and take a group shot; it stopped when my sister moved out of the house so this only occurred for a few years that I remember.  As far as our own photos, we had one 35mm camera that we broke out on the rare occasion and then the photos typically found them selves in a box.  I had one photo album of my own, but it was mostly made up of photos no one else seemed to want.

For the most part we didn’t spend very much time with photography at all so I guess it wasn’t very valued, but the few pictures we did have were kept. Eventually as I got older I took over the majority of photography and when we would take trips I would pick my favorites and make a small album.

I don’t get overly excited about my old family photographs, but I do like to look at old photographs in general. Typically I am more excited to view others older photographs then my own.

Now that I have left the house and digital photography is pretty mainstream my father has a camera that he uses at all of our family gatherings, roughly 5 a year, and snaps away,; frankly I am happy to be rid of the task.  Family photography to myself and my family seem to be pretty in line with each other, simple a record of who was around and there age.

Some members of the family share a great deal of photos with each other, and this did not occur prior to the digital age, so for them it is all positive.  As far as I am concerned I could care a less either way.


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this week our task was to set out and find an article that illustrates some sort of technophobia. i have an article that is a pretty good read and i was also able to find a follow up article in which he analyzes the original article and gives some good feedback.

Original Article Here Follow up Article Here

i also stumbled across this article that discusses all the times the music industry has cried wolf: content industries

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My Photography Workflow

As an assignment for our class we were to detail our photography workflow so that it could be discussed.  My workflow is shown in this MBH Photo Workflow pdf.

I practice no destructive editing techniques, so I solely edit my photos using layers inside photoshop, therefore I keep my naming scheme pretty simple and only change the file extension.

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Pier Review

My task is to give a critique to Rudy’s 838 project:

When looking at Rudy’s photos as a whole that the feeling of day 1 and day 7 are similar in that they are different from their counterparts, not so much in subject but perhaps in mood. They seem brighter and there tone is not duplicated for the most part in the rest of the series. There were two patterns or reoccurring ideas that presented themselves throughout the series. One was a seemingly ominous 8am photo that with one exception, day 7 but we have already noted that day as a stray.  The other was mans best friend, dogs made a good showing in this series and as a k9 lover myself, I have no problem with this.

Shifting gears, a preface is required, this assignment had no other restrictions of any kind other then to take a photo at the three designated times for the duration of one week. The blogs all have a similar feel, a kind of what I was doing at the time glimpse into someone’s life, and Rudy’s is no exception. Although I am privy to information a standard audience member wouldn’t be, because one of the photo times happen to land in the middle of our class, and Rudy eluded to the fact that he was aware the time was coming and he left class with the purpose of taking a photo.  Now the question is what does that mean? Does it many anything at all, does it have any bearing on the assignment, given that we know it doesn’t break any of the rules for the project. Yet I cant stop thinking about it, do we just chalk it up to the illusion that is photography? I personally am leaning towards it has no bearing at all, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping my head from asking the question.


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Are Images ever removed from the Web…

Here is an article that i found about images on the web dealing with whether or not you have the ability to remove an image from the web that you uploaded.

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this was for a class project to take a photo everyday at 8am, 3pm and 8pm for one week.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

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Welcome to my blog.  it was created for a class i am currently taking called “the image in

cyberspace”, we encourage outside comments and activity.  you can see the main class blog hereor you can interact with our facebook page here .

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